Questions and Answers on culivac food sealer bags and rolls

Do your rolls measure 6 metres in total or do you deliver two rolls with a length of 6 metres each?

We deliver two rolls with a length of 6 metres each.

Are your rolls microwave-safe?

Yes, the „boil-proof“ type is microwave-safe up to 121°C, the "Original" and "professional" types of rolls are safe up to 85°C.

I would like to reduce rubbish. Are your rolls and bags reusable?

They consist of polyethylene and polyamide, the „boil-proof“ type also have some polypropylene.

Are your rolls and bags dishwasher-safe?

This is quite a common question. For reasons of hygiene we do NOT recommend to clean the bags in the dishwasher, although it is technically possible.

What materials do your bags and rolls consist of?

They consist of polyethylene and polyamide, the „boil-proof“ type also have some polypropylene.

What is the thickness of your bags and rolls?

2 x 90 μm = 180 μm

Are the foils sturdy enough to withstand punctures from sharp bones and similar items?

Our experiences from tests and everyday usage are very good. To be on the safe side, please place a piece of foil across sharp ends.

Can I use your food sealer bags for sous vide cooking?

Yes indeed, this is one of the main uses for our products.

I like to cook convenience food in large quantities. Can I also use your product for cooking in boiling water?

Yes, for this purpose please use our „boil-proof“ type of bags and rolls.

What use is the webbed layer of the "professional" type of products?

Our "professional" range rolls and bags have a webbed layer. This makes them more pliable which leads to a better vacuum, especially with moist foods.

I have purchased a low-price vacuum sealer at a discounter. Can I use your products with the appliance?

For use with less powerful vacuum sealers we recommend our „original“ type bags and rolls. If in doubt, please contact our customer support for more specific advice.

You say that your products are suitable for ALL vacuum sealers?

At culivac, we have created a range of products to cover all vacuuming uses in a private and professional context. You can use our „original“ type of products with confidence - even with less powerful vacuum sealers. Just make sure to check the maximum seam length beforehand. Asia imports usually have a maximum seam length of 28 cm. In this case, please use our „original“ bags with a width of 20 cm.

Your question has remained unanswered?

Please get in touch with our customer support at or use our web form.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.