Keeping food fresh longer
with culivac vacuum food sealer bags and rolls

Extend the shelf life of food and preserve its quality or enjoy sous-vide cooked meals with structured vacuum sealer bags and rolls made by culivac. It's easy: place food in a bag. Remove air and seal bag with a vacuum sealer.

Highly compatible

For vacuum sealers (seal bar vacuum sealers) by Allpax, Aicok, AmazonBasics, Andrew James, Ariel, Bestron, Bonsenkitchen, Bomann, CASO Germany, Clatronic, Crenova, Ellrona, Eltac, Easyvac, Foodsaver, Gastroback, Genio, Junior, Klarstein, Krups, LAICA, LAVA/LA-VA, Mark, Mia, Orved, Petra, Profi Cook, Rosenstein, Rommelsbacher, Seal a Meal, Severin, Silvercrest, Solis, TecTools, TCM, Vacsy, VacMaster, Venus and many more.

Even and flexible

culivac vacuum sealer bags and rolls have a specially designed structure to ensure a constant vacuum effect and reliable sealing. The film is highly flexible to perfectly cling to the bag's contents without being punctured at the same time (e.g. by bones when vacuum sealing meat). This kind of flexibility is also very helpful when vacuum sealing (whole) fish, soft and hard cheese, vegetables or precooked meals. In any case: rest assured your food is preserved safely.

Highly efficient

The material structure of all culivac bags and rolls is optimized for high efficiency. That means that oxygen can be removed much faster from the bag than liquids. The "professional" family of our products is the top performer with moist bag contents. It consists of a three-layer material including a fleece layer on the structured side. Another benefit of this material composition is that both sides of the bag fuse faster in the sealing process.

Made in Europe

We only use raw materials and components of German and Italian origin for the production of our culivac vacuum sealer bags and rolls. The products comply with EU regulations, food safety requirements and the German Food and Feed Code. They are free of BPA, pasticisers and phthalates.

Using culivac vacuum sealer bags to store and preserve food offers numerous benefits

  • Keep food longer fresh, without damage from moisture or air or loss of flavours.
  • Think and act economically - buy food in bulk, cook larger quantities and preserve under vacuum for your convenience while saving time and money.
  • Prevent freezer burn.
  • Fits your needs - cut the bag / roll to the size you need.
  • Get the maximum out of your vacuum sealer - higher degree of efficiency through soft material and integrated fleece which removes air faster than liquids.
  • Embrace the sous vide culinary technique - cook highly sophisticated meals with unparalleled taste and texture.

Quality assurance

Our culivac vacuum sealer bags and rolls are quality assured and its product characteristics have been tested according to DIN 53370, DIN 53370, DIN ISO 536, DIN 53380, DIN 53122. BPA, lead, phthalate free. Suitable for Microwave.