Enjoy delicious, healthy food every day
– without fuss and within budget

You would like to provide freshly cooked, healthy meals for your loved ones – everyday. But you do not fancy slaving away in the kitchen all the time. And the food shopping should not blow up your budget either.

So how can this be done?

How to save money and time

Vacuum sealing

Buy fresh fruit and vegetables in larger quantities, when they are in saison. Take advantage of offers when buying meat and fish. You can vacuum seal all this goodness and enjoy it throughout the year – without losing vitamins, nutrients or freshness. Thanks to culivac vacuum sealer bags, freezer burn is a thing of the past!

Sous-vide cooking

The sous-vide method is a well-kept secret of top restaurants: only this way they are able to serve meat and fish quickly and exactly to customers’ wishes. Well now you can achieve these culinary highlights at home: with the help of a vacuum sealer, sous-vide stick and sealer bags. We will show you how it works.

Meal prep

You can prepare many dishes such as stews and soups in advance and then vacuum seal them as single portions. Your loved ones can easily reheat their portion in boiling water or in the microwave oven. And what’s more, during the working week you do not have to depend on canteen food and fast food restaurants anymore.