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culivac is a brand owned by "ISC Brands", the trading division of Illwitzer Service & Consulting GmbH (ISC). ISC is a privately held company based in Austria committed to quality-assured and frustration-free products "with a purpose".

We are committed to high product standards, to responsible handling of natural resources, to our employees and partners.

We value food. Therefore, it is important to us to foster respect for food and reduce or avoid food waste. This is one of our main drivers. We think and act ecologically when creating our products. We use recycled materials whenever possible and make only recyclable products.


Making your own bags is fine but I found that there was a lot of ...

I purchased these bags so I could use my old bag sealer. In the past I have used the type on a roll which you have to cut to the right size and then fill and seal at the top. Making your own bags is fine but I found that there was a lot of waste, getting the wrong size and having to have very long bags. I found that the rolls didn't last long and then the bag sealer just sat in the cupboard until I could buy some more (quite expensive) rolls

I spotted these which are quite small (16cm X 23cm) but they are perfect for me as there are only two of us. They are great for if I have a couple of slices of bacon left or buy a pack of burgers and have one or two left or for when I cook mushy peas (I cook a big bag and freeze each portion separately) I will now have lots of the right size bags , ready to use when I need them instead of having to cut the right size etc. very pleased.


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Five Stars

Great bags work well with sous vide.


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Five Stars

Great bags. Just the right size for freezing a portion for one........or two at a push !


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Great size vacuum seal bags

Just the right size for individual sandwiches for the freezer for work lunches


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Spot on

Highly recommended. I got some bags with my vacuum sealer, but these are much, much better. The sealer is much tighter around the food with this product. I assume it must be the embossing on the bag, allowing more air to be extracted. I can also cut these to the required length. I'll buy these professional ones again in future. 


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Bought for the Foodsaver top unit as their rolls are a tad expensive for frequent use

Bought for the Foodsaver top unit as their rolls are a tad expensive for frequent use. In use - they are exactly the same as the Foodsaver rolls and bags. We will buy some more. They came very fast, with an invoice from Austria, which is handy if buying for business use. Well packed, the bog works as a dispenser for the sealy bags too.


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The best I had!

Perfect bags to use with my FoodSaver. They really surprised me with the quality as they are better than the original ones!
Bought different sizes and they are all just perfect!


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